Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Ghost Posts ~ Animals Gone Wild Edition

Animals, cats especially, seem to be extra-sensitive to the things that don't seem to be there. Almost every pet that I've ever had has had a freak out. Maybe it's because, like little children, they have a hard time distinguishing what should and shouldn't be there.

When Handsome and I had our first apartment, we had a rabbit in our bedroom. The rabbit would spontaneously run rapid circles around her cage in the middle of the night. We could see a shadow/figure of a person leaning over her, teasing her.

One night, Henry, as we called our ghostly visitor, was particularly agitating her. I yelled at him to back off. I told him to go over to the other side of the room. Our computer, in sleep mode was directly opposite the rabbit cage and when he moved over there, the monitor turned itself on. For some reason, Henry was riled up that night.

A few years later, still in the college years, Handsome and I moved in with a few other roommates into a beautiful turn of the century shirtwaist up near the KC Museum (more about the Amityville horror of that house in future posts). We had a cat, we'll call her Ditzy, (because she was). She was supposed to be our roommate's cat, but guess who fed her and changed her litter box.

One night, I was laying on the couch watching tv. Ditzy, not prone to general frisky kitty business, (she was like a soft, furry, vibrating rock most of the time) came barreling down the stairway like a bat out of hell. She stops in the living room, turns around, hisses, jumps up straight in the air and starts running into the dining room. Repeat and rinse.

I frantically chased after her and got her out from under our bed on the third floor half an hour later. Whatever invisible thing was chasing her, scared the crap out of her. This wasn't the only time something like that happened with her, but it was definitely the most dramatic.

The eeriest thing I ever witnessed with animals was living at my parents' house. We had 3 cats and one night, I was sitting with my mom and dad in the living room. Suddenly, they all sat up completely alert and stared at something near the ceiling. Nothing was there, but you could watch their eyes moving in perfect unison, watching whatever it was.

We didn't see anything, but they sure did.


Anonymous said...

I am loving this series Moxie, thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

I have two cats. Miss Penny is currently possessed by the spirit of Edgar Allen Poe. Mr. Daisy seems to have been inhabited by the ghost of Disraeli. Very confusing household and particularly scary at dusk.

MoxieMamaKC said...

Thanks, Nuke! I wondered if people were liking it or shaking their heads at my weirdness (I'd settle for both?)

Anonymous, I think I could dig on a cat channeling Mark Twain. Wouldn't he make a great pet? It could be worse though, they could be channeling e.e. cummings or T.S Elliot... ;)

Montgomery Jack Farnsbooth said...

O dear lord! If i owned a cat possessed by t.s. elliot, it just might kill itself.

Reason? I would torture it by playing "Cats" every chance I got...

But mark twain.. Now there is a cat i wouldn't mind having... Given my extreme adversities to cats....