Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Tale of the Protective Mom

A Beautiful Mess at Life Induces Thoughts sent in a very comforting, but very spooky one. I know once my mom passes away, she won't leave. She'll be there to boss me around constantly. But Beautiful Mess' story is a lot more comforting.

My mom passed away almost 3 years ago and soon after her death I was in our laundry room. Our washing machine had been off center and it had "walked" out from the wall. I went in there to push it back against the wall. And as I was putting my hands around it, I heard my mom's voice saying "Danielle, don't move that! You're going to hurt your back. Have Matt *Husband* do it!"

I SWEAR I heard her say that. Still to this day, I know I heard her say that and it wasn't in my head.

A few months after that I was in bed sleeping. I had woken up for some reason and I felt my mom's hand on my cheek. I felt her caressing my cheek with her finger like she use to do when I was sick and lying in her lap. It was as if she was standing beside my bed, touching me. I felt her hand on my calf and then I fully woke up and I smelled her. I went back to sleep and remembered it happening the next morning so vividly that I do not think it was a dream. I felt her and I smelled her.