Monday, October 13, 2008

The Ghost Posts ~ The KCville Horror

Sorry, faithful Ghost Post readers. Today exploded on me and no time to blog until now.

The next (probably several) stories are going to center around the house I lived in from 1999-2003. Next to my parent's house, it's probably my favorite place that I ever lived. Even if it was haunted beyond belief. This house turned some of the most ardent non-believers into believers.

It's a turn of the century shirtwaist located 2 blocks from the Kansas City Museum up in the "Historic Northeast" of KC. Scarritt-Renaissance neighborhood. I still have dreams about that incredible, fucked up house.

It's beautiful. 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a big, deep stone porch with a balcony on top. When Handsome, his brother, me and the other 2 girls we moved in with saw it for the first time, we fell in love. Especially since the $450 a month rent split 5 ways made it that much more awesome (we were starving college kids).

Handsome and I had the top (third) floor which was 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. The second floor had 3 bedrooms and a bathroom. The main floor had a bathroom, kitchen, living room and front parlor. Basement was a basement. The pool table, washer and dryer lived down there.

It was the perfect party house. We made as much noise as we wanted and never had to worry our neighbors would call the cops. In the Northeast, they had bigger fish to fry than a bunch of drunken college kids' noise pollution.

So, when did I figure out it was haunted? About 3 days after moving in. We signed the lease in May of 1999. Our other roommates weren't going to live there that summer, just Handsome and I playing house. For that blissful 3 months, as our roommates scattered home to Denver, St. Louis and Hermann, we had the place to ourselves.

Handsome already had a job lined up for that summer and I had just put in my application at (my soon to be employer) The Kansas City Museum. Until they said yes a few weeks later, I was, for all intents and purposes, a Moxie of leisure. Our 3 roommates had never lived off campus, so they didn't have a lot of stuff, so Handsome and I spent the first weeks filling up the place and sorting out our combined crap.

The only thing that sucked was that the landlord (dickhole that he was) hadn't finished the 3rd floor all the way remodeling wise. We couldn't move our stuff up to our rooms.

The first morning I realized the place *might* be "spiritually enhanced" I was laying on our bed in the front parlor. (Handsome had already gone to work.)

All of a sudden, I hear someone in the house.

I mean, I REALLY heard someone in the house.

I heard heavy footsteps, then the third floor stairway door SLAM and then footsteps coming down the last flight to the floor I was on, turn the corner, stomp thru the kitchen and then the kitchen/backyard door slam.

I was dreaming and I was so terrified hearing someone in our new house, I was scared, frozen stiff during that LONG 30 seconds. Northeast KCMO ain't exactly the swanky part of town, I honestly thought we had had someone break in.

I was so scared, I jumped up and ran out on the front porch. I sat down, smoked a cigarette (shut up, I know) and tried to calm down.

After I stopped freaking (by then I had rationalized that it was an intruder that had left or a spirit that hadn't) I went back in the house.

I walked into the kitchen, saw that the backdoor was wide open (even though I knew it HAD been locked and that I had heard it slam shut just minutes before).

I calmly (sort of) went and shut the door and the rest all soon began.

More tomorrow, darlings...


Anonymous said...

Love this stuff. I have a friend with a Victorian(?) just north of Independence avenue that is haunted. Northland seems to have a lot of stories. Can't wait for more!

sheri said...

I'm from Northeast Kc. I lived on Sunrise Dr and Gladstone Blvd, and let me tell you, that I think that most of this neighborhood is Haunted!! I have a lot of stories about the house i grew up in but that is for another time. Moxie's not shittin about this neighborhood! Get a house there if you dare, it used to be a damn nice neighborhood, but time has taken it's toll.