Monday, October 27, 2008

The Ghost Posts ~ Contest Batting Line Up

Ok. I have 8 entries so Tuesday and Wednesday I'll post 4 a day. I'm posting them in the order that I received them. Thursday, the voting will begin, so make sure you tell your friends and family to vote for your favorite. I get to vote in the event of a tie.

I've made up titles for these, hope they aren't silly.

Anyway, here's how it looks:

Emaw at Three O'Clock in the morning: The Tale of the Bloody Fingers
XO at Hip Suburban White Guy: The Tale of the Ghostly Nurse
May at May's Machete: The Tale of the OCD Ghost
Stacey at Reality Is Not My Friend: The Tale of the Man and the Cat

A Beautiful Mess at Life Induces Thoughts: The Tale of the Protective Mom
Mary Anne at Kansas City Guide: The Tale of the Haunted Locarno
Filegirl at Filegirl: The Tale of Haunted Atchison
Sugar Britches at Sugar Britches: The Tale of a Mother's Intuition

So, get ready to enjoy and vote!


Beautiful Mess said...

I'm so excited to read the stories *yay*!!!