Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Tale of a Mother's Intuition

Sugar Britches at Sugar Britches sent in a story about her mom's uncanny intuition. I'm thinking her mom and my mom could be BFF's. Except my mom doesn't read tarot. That would be me. And I don't discuss it with my mom for fear I'd get doused in holy water.

My mom sees things.
I don’t.
See things, that is. I don’t see things that aren’t there.
She ‘sees’ people’s intentions, reads tea leaves, reads tarot cards, interprets her dreams, and once when a passenger in my car, began to cry because she felt an unbearably sad spot in the road.
“What do you mean a sad spot in the road?”
“If you didn’t feel it, I can’t explain it to you.”
She says I have the ‘sight’ also.. I just refuse to use it.
She is right.
I will blissfully and ignorantly walk through this world letting the other world and other worldly well enough alone.
My mother’s most telling gift, though, is when she spots ‘the light’.
A small ball of light appears to my mother right before someone close to her dies. She saw it a week before her beloved aunt died, before her father died, and before my father died..
When I was 12, Dad slipped away from us a victim of a bad heart. In October we had a fall carnival at school. Mom volunteered to be fortune teller. She read my Dad’s cards for kicks and drew the death card on him three times.
“It’s silly stuff. Nothing to it.” My dad insisted.
My mother was frantic.
A few weeks later she saw the ball of light sitting on the dresser in their bedroom.
In November he died.
So… No. I have no desire to ‘see’ things.
My brother does and has.
But that is another story for another time.


Stacey K said...

My daughter could relate to your story. Actually several of my kids could. I see things, they don't. Rather, they won't. They can, but don't.