Friday, October 24, 2008

The Ghost Posts ~ Freaky Friday IV

It's the fourth weekend of October, so the haunted stuff is heating up around town.

Here's your Weekend To-Do List O' Fun:

175th Anniversary of Westport Bash: Did you know that Westport was it's own town and that it is actually 17 yrs older than Kansas City? (KC annexed it in the 1890's I think). This weekend there is all sorts of celebrating going on in the part of town that has never needed an excuse to party. For all the fun historical details, check it out here: Westport175. No doubt about it, Westport is probably the most haunted part of town. From frontier men, Civil War soldiers, flappers and stoned out hippies, there is always a feeling you aren't alone there.
After you get done partying there, head over to Waterfire. It's not haunted, but they might conjure up something. Anyway around it, it will be cool.
Too "artsy" for you? Go to the John Wornall House Museum at 61st and Wornall and take the Haunted Wornall tour. It's a tour with reenactors dressed up as people who still haunt Kansas City.

So, Ghost Posts Contest will begin on Tuesday. I have 8 entries. I'll post 4 a day and then Thursday will be the voting day. I'll announce the winners on (Friday) Halloween!


Stacey K said...

And there is a very cool balloon shop (shameless plug) just down Pennsylvania that I'm pretty sure is haunted. In the early mornings we sometimes hear voices. Hear them in the afternoon too, but by then it's too busy to be sure they are not just people. Things also get moved around occasionally. Of course how could Westport NOT be haunted given it's history. I would love to see a paranormal group check the area out.