Thursday, November 20, 2008

Grab your sticks and let's have some fun

Ok. I know this is a bit stale, but I've been a bit lazy on the blogging front due to being sick. I can't let this one go by uncommented on though.

If you haven't heard already, along with baby dolls and skateboards, the lowly, primative stick was introduced into the Toy Hall of Fame.

At first I thought they committe who decided this was a bit lazy, but if you think about it further, it's freakin' genius!

Through my own childhood experiences and now watching my 4 year old (who can find a stick no matter where she is), I understand the play value of this original toy.

It's the original "Put that down before you put someone's eye out!" toy.

It can be used as a magic wand, a sword, an adventurer's walking stick or a disappointing boomerang.

Sticks provide hours of imaginative enjoyment for boys and girls alike.

Moxie's Top Ten Uses of Sticks in Play:
1. Magic Wand.
2. Fishing rod.
3. Sword to fight other children, pirates and/or imaginary fierce tigers.
4. Shovel for digging a hole to China.
5. Autopsy equipment for dead animals one might find.
6. Excavation tool for discovering ant hills.
7. Majorette's twirling baton.
8. For use in questionably unstable fort building.
9. Wicked cool ninja tool.
10. Imaginary boat oar.

Did I miss anything?

Things being what they are this year, I wonder how many kids will be getting these for Christmas?


DLC said...

As a child I would frequently tie a bandanna to a stick so I could carry it over my shoulder like the 'hobos' on the cartoons.

MoxieMamaKC said...

OH CRAP! I forgot the "I'm running away from home!!!" aspect. Thanks! Now I remember!

Stacey K said...

Around here the stick is part of an important philosophy.

Stephanie and I have a saying we use. Be the stick, because the stick can be anything. And variations on that line.

mostly it just proves that everyone loves sticks - and Westport merchants are a bit odd.