Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tomorrow is another day!

So, Handsome and I dropped Darling off at day care early this morning and headed to the polls before work. We arrived at 7:14 am and were done with our democratic duty by 7:59.

It really wasn't that bad standing in line. I was shocked we got through that quickly.

Four years ago, when Darling was 2.5 months old, we stood in line with her. But a four year old is much more difficult to entertain for 45 minutes than an infant that slept thru her first election.

Don't get me wrong. I usually take her with us. I think it's important to instill in her the beautiful priviledge that voting in a true democracy is. Just not today with 250 people in front of us.

I was still undecided this morning and leaning towards tossing my vote to Nader.

So, I asked Darling who I should vote for. And I voted for the candidate that she picked.

This may seem cavalier considering my previous post, but I truly believe that they are equally capable of running the country. It just depends on what your agenda is.

No matter what, tommorow (and especially in January) the country moves on from the horror of the Bush Era.

I stood outside, shivering in the cold and looked up at a bright red/orange maple tree and thought, "Things will get better. We're moving on from the destruction of the last 8 years."

I believe in our country. I believe our forefathers set it up so that there are checks and balances. I hope everyone rememebered to make educated decisions for their governors, congressmen and state reps. I hope they really evaluated taxes and municipal plans.

No matter who wins the Presidential election, I have hope for the future, which is not something I can say I had voting 4 years ago.

Obama/McCain was a hard choice for me because both can probably do a great job. I had no faith, optimism or excitement with Bush/Kerry or even Bush/Gore elections.

I haven't been as excited as my first presidential election in 1996 when I cast my ballot for Bill Clinton and I wasn't even sure of my vote until 15 minutes before arriving at the polls.

I'm excited to go home and watch CNN tonight for the first time in 2 years.

And the beat goes on...