Friday, November 7, 2008

KC's Mayor Apparently "Can't" or "Won't"

(Sorry out of towners, bear with me)

I've ranted.

I've raved.

Now I'm just freaking sick.

I can't believe I actually voted for Funkhouser. I'm breaking #2 pencils right and left in rage.

Mr. Mayor, please leave your Brookside compound and get your ass back to City Hall.

It's no wonder KC's murder rate is so high this year, why our potholes are getting bigger and our streets are flooded.

If you're a true leader, lead by example. By your example, we aren't a "City That Works", we're a city that sits on our ass and pouts while KC collapses.

You've already proven yourself to be the worst mayor in our city's history. I can't stand the thought of putting up with you for another 2.5 yrs.

Why don't you channel your energy into something positive instead of being a stubborn jerk? You know, like fixing the Mayor's Christmas Tree Fund. Your wife and administration screwed it up last year and this year that charity needs it more than ever.

I think I've found a new activity for XO's Obama Zombies. Why don't we send them over to Brookside to protest outside the Mayor's house?


Stacey K said...

I live in Grandview, so I didn't vote for him, but to my shame I would have if I lived in KC. I did the balloons at his election watch party and am embarrassed every time I see them on my screen.

My business is in KC, so what happens to KC affects me. I'm saddened to know that I was naive enough to support this mamma's boy, lazy, lying wuss.