Tuesday, November 11, 2008

On Burger King Monkeys...

So, late last week Darling, Handsome and I went to Burger King (Yeah, I was lazy about dinner, what of it?!)

Darling got her obligatory Mac N Cheese, Apple Fries, and Chocolate Milk.

Handsome and I sampled the Whoppers.

Darling got a toy. A weird purple monkey toy once she finished her food.

We got in the car to return home.

Darling: MAMA!!! I dropped my monkey!

Me (groping behind the seat): I can't reach it, Darling. Wait until we get home.

Darling: Ohhh! You touched my monkey! You did it!

Me: I still can't reach it all the way

Darling: You can do it! You can reach my monkey! Touch it!

Handsome and I burst into uncontrollable laughter...

Darling: What? What's funny Mama?

Who said parenting wasn't a dirty job?


Xavier Onassis said...

Freaks! LOL!

BTW: The Word Verification for this comment was "feckslit". Just sayin'.

Stacey K said...

One day my husband came home to find our older son very excited. he was about 10 or 11 at the time and had been online. There was an add where you had to spank a monkey and he was very very excited at how fast he could spank his monkey.

At 17 he is now VERY embarrassed by this story. His sister loves to tell it though.

Sizzle said...

That's hilarious.

Green-Eyed Momster said...

Ah, the joys/laughter of parenting!
Your post cracked me up today!

Thanks for stopping by! I loved hearing from you. I was really mad at B&B Works when they discontinued my favorite Cotton Blossom. This is the last straw. I'm not going to smell edible this holiday season and I'm thinking about boycotting B&B works!

They should just leave the good stuff alone! IMO!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great story. It made me chuckle on an otherwise lousy workday!