Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Post-Election Hangover Thoughts

Thank God this is the last post I'll probably do for awhile about politics. But, sigh, I'm not very good at keeping my mouth shut.

These are completely random, in no particular order:

~Thank God we only have 77 more days of GWB!!!!

~Is there any rule against kicking him out early? Do we really have to wait all the way until January? He's just going to screw something up even bigger before that so he can leave a "legacy" (hasn't he done enough?)

~I was undecided until yesterday, but I'm at peace with who I voted for. I voted with my conscience (and 4 yr old's advice).

~I wonder what kind of puppy the Obama girls are getting. Do they get to choose?

~Michelle Obama's dress last night was HIDEOUS!!! It was NOT flattering whatsoever. Ugh!!!

~That being said, I believe there is about a 125% chance of her being the most kick ass first lady since Eleanor Roosevelt (possibly best ever).

~I almost cried during McCain's concession speech. I was so torn and divided about voting for or against him, but last night, he was a CLASS ACT. THAT was the John McCain of 2000. I kind of missed that guy this go around.

~I loved the fact that McCain was able to, despite his massive disappointment, call for unity and say that despite their differences he was able to call Obama HIS president. This man has given his service and his own life selflessly way beyond the average American. Regardless of your politics, I hope you can see he is a true American patriot that loves his country.

~I was surprised to get caught up in the surge of patriotism yesterday. It was good to see Americans loving America again. We're optimists by nature and it was good to see a little of the characteristic Can-Do American attitude yesterday. I only hope it lasts for the next 4 years.

~I hope Obama picks his advisors wisely. There's a lot of clean up to do after 8 yrs of Bush. I don't envy him in the least. Obama proved he can talk the talk and now the walk awaits.

~You know what? I do have hope in the future of America. Huh.


Anonymous said...

Gotta admit McCain's speech was the best speech by anybody in this entire election year. I agree tho that a change, any change, from GW was important.

You wrote a nice couple posts here Moxie.

Hyperbole still abounds around this election with some predicting the apocopookie and others expecting rainbows and unicorns. The truth will be somewhere in between.