Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tap Dancing Thru Molasses

I'm sick.

Full blown sick.

Complete with snot, bleary eyes, body aches, a low grade fever and an uncontrollable cough.

Medicine just scoffs, shakes it's head and says, "There's nothing to be done here. I can't help you anymore."

Jealous, aren't you?

Why am I not home curled up in bed, reading a book?

I need to do my part for American Capitalism and I'm reluctant to give up my carefully horded "vacation time" that I'm planning to take during the holidays.

I was coughing/snotting so bad last night, I took mercy on Handsome and went out to sleep/not sleep due to the coughing on the pullout couch. I felt bad for him since I kept waking him up.

So I'm sleep deprived too. I seriously am dragging today. It's like tap dancing thru a vat of molasses to try and gather the energy to walk down the hall to the boss' office.

This sickness just can't happen. I have too much to do and don't have a day off until Nov. 22. So, I'm just trudging on through it all.

Where did this viral contamination come from?

The one and only Darling.

Kids are nothing but Germ Factories.


Erin said...

It's a snot party, you & me are the main guests.

Stacey K said...

Feel better!

Brigindo said...

Sorry to hear it. Yeah I remember the germ infested days.

Mike Karr said...

You're exactly right, walking, talking disease factors. My house is down at the moment.