Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Play-Doh Crisis of Aught Eight Avoided

Last night, Darling, who is obviously not feeling well, wanted to express her sick distress using her favorite art medium, Play-Doh.

We had no Play-Doh, other than a dry, crusty chunk I found in her "creativity drawer" of my desk.

Total. Complete. Meltdown.

It was ugly.

Being the best mother in the world, and hating the fact that she was sick and sad, I silently curse myself for forgetting to buy more and I quickly scan the internet for a recipe for Play-Doh.

I've never made homemade doh, my mother, who is the most uncrafty human being alive never made doh.

This was uncharted parental territory.

Moxie-Doh Recipe:
1 cup flour
1 cup salt
3/4 cup water
food coloring of indetermine amount (use your own judgement)
Add flour and water as needed to get the right consistancy
Mix ingredients first with a fork and then squishing between your fingers, screw the rolling pin method.

I felt pretty badass, I've got to tell you...
My purple (Darling's favorite color) doh rocks!

Prior to concocting this, I was dubious of the quality it might yield.

During the process, Darling was dubious. She asked me what I was doing and I told her that I was making her play-doh and she said, "No you're not, that looks gross!" I kind of agreed.

The doh turned out great and when I presented it to her she was thrilled. "You MADE this for ME?!"

A few minutes later she came out into the living room and handed the ball of Moxie-doh to me. There was a smiley face poked into it.

"What's this, Darling?"

"It's me, Mommy. I love you. Thanks for my purple play-doh."

And....cue the heart warming tears....

If you need an idea for Christmas stocking stuffers, I ran across Eau de Play-Doh cologne. I kinda hate myself for being intrigued by this...


DLC said...

I can still remember the taste of the homemade play doh my mother would make.

MoxieMamaKC said...

I'm pretty sure every mother (except mine) made homemade Play-Doh...Ahhh...memories (for others I guess)

"The D" said...

My mother never made play-doh. she made us fight each other. Whi is why Im awesome today.

Anyway, I think I'd rather smell like a port-o-potty the play-doh.

m.v. said...

Right D, you have to actually make an effort to smell like play-doh.

Donna said...

I make play-dough often for my grandkids. My recipe has cream of tartar in it, though.

Nuke said...

M Mom never made the doh either. But she did make meat with red gravy for my b-day every year, so it was OK.

Glad your little 'un liked her doh!

Stacey K said...

They carry the play doh perfume at Whole Foods. At least they did last year. Sadly it didn't remind me of the smell of play doh

Dawn said...

OMG. I about died when I saw the bomb picture. That's a perfect pic of tantrum/meltdown.