Monday, March 24, 2008

Survivor: Family Holiday Edition

(note about above photo...YES PLEASE! How glorious!)

Thank God Easter is over! Darling Daughter is chocolate saturated, Grandma spoiled, and cheap-crap toy enhanced. Personally, Handsome and I are EXHAUSTED after 3 egg hunts, church, a visit with my mother, and seeing a show yesterday.

Holidays are fun, right? Until you have kids and then they are exhausting and fun and magical for them, or something.

Guess what I'm doing next weekend? NOTHING! Handsome and I are already planning on sitting on our butts, listless telling DD to "Stop it, or you're going to Time Out!" In other words, unless something better comes along, we're relaxing.

The only disappointing thing about Easter this year was the fact that I heard NOT ONE Cadbury Egg commercial. Not one...a bunny that sounds like a chicken? Cute kids saying "Thank you, Easter Bunny"?


I guess there's always next year!