Tuesday, May 6, 2008

How I know the Democrats are in deep trouble...

I have never met more die-hard Democrats than my mom's side of the family. We're talking "since FDR Democrats". Before my grandfather died, voting otherwise meant excommunication from the family. He was a union pipe-fitter and God help you if you didn't love the Democrats, even Jimmy Carter.

Needless to say, he didn't always see eye to eye with my ever since Eisenhower Republican father, but since he wasn't related by blood, I guess it was ok.

Anyway, talking to my mom the other day, I inquired on whether she was going to vote for Hillary or Barack.

Mom: I can't stand either one of them.
Me: You're not thinking of voting for McCain are you?
Mom: Oh God, no.
Me: So...you always vote...
Mom: There's no way I'm voting for Hillary. I can't stand her! I trust her about as far as I could throw her.
Me: So you're an Obama Girl?
Mom: You've got to be kidding. He has no idea how to be president.
Me: Well, you can't vote for John Edwards.
Mom: Is Mickey Mouse running this year?

My political leanings lie somewhere in between my polar parents. I still have no idea who I'm voting for. I just wish the Democrats would pick a candidate once and for all and let's all move on. Screw primaries, superdelegates and political polls. All of these things/people are bloated with self-importance. I'm bored with them all because it doesn't mean anything (at least right now).

Neither McCain, Clinton or Obama are going to be as bad as Dubbya, but neither are they going to be a Jefferson, Lincoln or FDR.

Is it over yet? Can we just get on with trying to fix the country, whoever may be leading it?