Friday, May 30, 2008

Unexplored Earth

I read this article today about how an "undiscovered tribe in the Amazon" has been "found" and photographed for the first time ever.

Check out the photo. Warriors are trying to defend themselves with flaming arrows from an airplane or helicopter (?)

I have a couple of thoughts:
1. GoogleEarth hasn't photographed EVERYTHING yet.
2. It's awesome to think that there are still undisturbed tribes in the world.
3. It's nice to know we don't know every single inch of the earth yet.
4. Stop cutting down rain forests already. Geez.
5. I could use some flaming arrows.
6. Leave them the hell alone.
7. Is there a paparazzi market for uncontacted tribes?
8. I wonder who they would have voted for on American Idol
9. What's with the guy in the back. Where's his flaming arrows? Did he run out of his red warrior paint or did he leave it at the office?
10. Can you imagine the immense terror of a helicopter coming right at you would be when you have NO idea what it is? Pretty brave of the warriors to take one for the tribe like that.


Sizzle said...

Is that picture real? Cuz I feel like it could be photoshopped (not by you but you know, people do weird stuff!).

MoxieMamaKC said...

It does look weird but it's on msnbc, so I would *hope* they would check their sources. Plus, the group that "discovered them" is here:

It seems legit, but it would disappointing if somebody faked it. There are more pictures if you click thru the msnbc article's slideshow. I don't know.

Jill said...

I saw this this morning too! Crazy! Just crazy!

Kim said...

I does look weird. Maybe the one in the back is Big Foot? I just saw something on TV about it and scientists could not disprove the existence of Sasquatch. I was a little afraid...

Here from NCLM

kcmeesha said...

There are two possible answers:1. The guy in the back is doing casual Friday and/or he is a manager.

Jendeis said...

Here from NaComLeavMo. I could think of so many uses for flaming arrows. Robin Hood's got nothing on me!

momofonefornow said...

I'm completely with you on every point!

over from NCLM

♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys said...

I'm here from NaComLeavCom
my first thought was it this legit ?
great thoughts and yes imaginif it was us - and ET's!

My Little Drummer boys
warm regards

Sam said...

Why is that group flying over their heads and freaking them out? Poor people!

DC said...

I think maybe only the red dudes get flaming arrows. ;)

I agree that the tribe should be left alone. Do we have to corrupt everything with technology??

Nadine said...

dh and I have been talking about this alot - could you imagine how scared they must be with that helicopter flying around?

Tanya said...

I heard this on the news too. Can you just imagine how horrifying it must have been to see that helicopter approaching and having no idea what the heck it was? It must have been terrifying.

I did hear that the government was making the surrounding forests a protected area... and that they thought there were more tribes out there in the forests somewhere who were yet untouched by the modern world.

Makes you wonder if they're better off never knowing of the outside world or if someone will expose them someday. I sincerely hope not. I can't even fathom how traumatic that would be for them.

littleangelkisses said...

I have to agree with Tanya. I wonder if they aren't better off without all of our's the stuff of movies, ya know!

Unknown said...

I heard about this... thanks for the pic. The sad thing is that if we come too close they will die, they do not have immunity for our now "common diseases."

Caba said...

Here from NCLM ... that pic is crazy, isn't it? I think it's the most amazing thing ...