Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Stupid Wood rot

Wood rot ruined my weekend. Handsome and I were planning to paint the house this weekend (which wouldn't have worked out anyway since it rained off and on).

The house needed it and we don't have the $3k it's going to cost to put siding up right now. This was going to be a quick fix until next year or so. We were planning on a bathroom remodel as the "big project" for this summer.

Well, it didn't really work out as I had planned. Once the scraping started, we realized that we had some pretty extensive wood rot under the 60 year old shingles. Painting over it is not an option.

So, with the help of my father in law (who is a contrator by trade), we've put up siding on the front of the house. We'll have to get to the sides and the back in a few weeks or so as cash permits. We just weren't ready for that big of a budget bite. But, now we have no choice.

Homeownership sucks sometimes.

The good news is, with Handsome and my father in law doing the work, we're saving about $4k on the bid we got last year.

When we bought the house 3 years ago (our first house), we were excited about the fixer upper potential in it. After knocking out walls, retiling, painting, rewiring, etc. I think we're worn out. Yes, we're increasing our resale value, but it's killing our budget.

I'm so bummed out by it, but it needs to be done. So much for my new luxurious bathroom this summer.



kcmeesha said...

I bought my townhome brand new becuase I know my limitations. I have hard time hanging pictures straight