Friday, May 23, 2008

Today is Pointless

I hate the work day before a 3 day weekend. Nobody's in the office...nothing is really getting done that is remotely productive and the boss'll be gone by 2.

Usually I try to stretch 3 day weekends into 4 day weekends (like the rest of the sane world), but no such luck today. I have to go and listen to a humming Jesus freak from 2 to 4 this afternoon.

Yeah, I have a bad attitude today, what of it, buddy?

It's ok though...this weekend is going to rock. I'm going to see Handsome's show tonight with some very awesome friends of ours from college, going to the cast party afterwards, I work at the museum Sat/Sun and we're barbecuing on Monday like all good Americans do.

I've finally got caught up on my posts that I started and never finished from earlier in the week. (Not all the way caught up, I've still got "Drunken Dramatics, or Why You Should Keep Your Mouth Shut at Parties" in the hopper but I'm saving that one until after I complete further "field research" tonight).

So, here I am, hoping something good comes along to distract me so I can make it thru this long, drag-ass day.

Happy Weekend! (almost)


Spyder said...

I'll pray for you this afternoon! :-)

Spyder said...

Maybe even a little "Jesus loves me....". You can get through it. Reward yourself with a good drink tonight!

kcmeesha said...

I noticed increased production here,maybe hymns stimulate your typing.