Thursday, August 21, 2008

Because it's a cold and dismal August day...

During my teenage angst filled years I totally dug poetry and angst and Edna St. Vincent Millay go together like ham and cheese.

It's kind of a crappy day outside, so let me depress you even more....

One of my favorites from her...

If Still Your Orchards Bear

Brother, that breathe the August air
Ten thousand years from now,
And smell --- if still your orchards bear
Tart apples on the bough ---
The early windfall under the tree,
And see the red fruit shine,
I cannot think your thoughts will be
Much different from mine.

Should at that moment the full moon
Step forth upon the hill,
And memories hard to bear,
By moonlight harder still,

Form in the shadows of the trees, ---
Things that you could not spare
And live, or so you thought, yet these
Are gone, and you still there,

A man no longer what he was,
Nor yet the thing he'd planned,
The chilly apple from the grass
Warmed by your living hand ---

I think you will have need of tears;
I think they will not flow;
Suppposing in ten thousand years
Men ache, as they do now.


Catherine VandeVelde said...

Great post. Love Millay.