Monday, August 25, 2008

Bully Cat

So, Darling got an orange and white tabby striped kitten (well, he's 6 months old) for her 4th birthday.

She loves him.

He loves her.

He likes to pounce, but likes to sleep on her bed.

He uses the litter box.

He's cute, but a bit on the crazy hyper side.

He's a great cat for a little kid.

Only problem? He's a bully! A tyrrancial brute!

Our other cat, 7 year old Fraidy is in torment. Bully attacks him, scratches him, bitch slaps him when Fraidy tries to eat from the communal cat dish.

It was so bad that I was in tears Saturday night when Bully was gnawing on Fraidy's ears and he was crying, but not fighting back.

Handsome says Fraidy will get fed up and stop being a pussy (cat) soon, but it's really upsetting me.

Fraidy has always been my baby, before I got married, before I had Darling. Yes, I know he's a wimp, but he's my kitty. He looks upon me as a Goddess.

Now the poor baby is probably wondering what he did to deserve my Wrath.

sigh...if only he would have let Darling pet him once in awhile, he would still be an only kitty.

Handsome's getting irritated with the kitten antics. You know, the table jumping, the mad dashes through the living room, etc.

Now, the only one who's happy is Darling who can finally say she has a pet that adores her and likes to be pet.

See what happens when I try to make everybody happy (because that's my job. It's what I try to "do"). I'm doing a horrible job...


Hey There! I'm Amanda! said...

I could let you borrow my brother's Jack Russell, who came over to the house this weekend and absolutely TERRORIZED our English Mastiff. Talk about a pussy...Hope things get better!

Kristin said...

We have a wild kitten too. Luckily, our older cat does tall him off when it gets too bad. Hope your kitty calms down soon.

Danifred said...

It only takes one crazy cat (or dog) to throw the whole house into chaos! We often dog sit my brother's Jack Russell who doesn't stop running around our house, taunting our lab and Jack endlessly!

Brigindo said...

So sorry. When The Brute came into our house as a wee little one he chased TOC and she refused to stand up to him. He's abused her ever since. The only solution I've found is to give them separate eating areas. He still terrorizes her when he feels like it but she can get away from him.