Monday, October 27, 2008

The Ghost Posts ~ Drama Edition

Before I go on with the ghosties, I've updated my Link List. If you're not on it, I beg your forgiveness, drop me an email and I'll fix that.

Oh, and what the hell was that that just went whizzing by?

The last 2 weeks, you say?

Really?! Hmmm. Damned if I noticed.

This last weekend was filled with crazy/busy. I'm glad I'm on the other side of it. I'm sorry if I haven't been commenting on your blog as much as I usually do, but it's just a crazy month.

Last weekend was a museum weekend and Sat. night, Handsome and I went to a play at the theatre that he'll be acting at next month. (Different show) One of the actors in the current play and I are pretty good friends and she asked me to check out backstage.

I'm always a little leery when it comes to theatres. Any respectable theatre is haunted, or at least has a lot of residual energy. This particular theatre is in the Midtownish/Westport area and that's just asking for stuff to happen.

So, anyway, I checked it out. Typical shadow/energy stuff and the like, nothing really substantial, until I got to the costume room. I hate costumes. Many times they are vintage clothes or they were made with a character in mind. Actors spew off a lot of energy and depending on the play, it can be good or bad.

So, it was a kind of strong room, just energy wise. But then I felt something hiding behind one of the racks. I was immediately drawn to her. I haven't felt that strong of a spirit in a long time. It was a little girl who wouldn't come out and I respected her space.

I hate feeling little kids. I hate it. I don't know if it's because I'm a mother, but I can't stand the thought of a small child dying and getting lost. I hate it. This particular one isn't sad or anything like that, and I'd like to ask the costumer if he's had any tricks played on him.

That theatre reminded me of a particularly strong story I have about the theatre at the college I attended.

If you remember last week's Ouija board post, it of course had the obligatory resident theatre ghost. He never did much, other than tell us to stop playing Ouija and the occasional stage/prop malfunction and other assorted tricks.

The same summer as "Ouija Madness" I was up alone on the grid (the metal grid above the stage that the lights are hung on) precariously balanced on my stomach trying to hang a spot light. (Did I mention my intense fear of unsecured heights?) All of a sudden, there was a streak of white light or mist or something similar to that barrel through the grid, weaving. There was a really weird noise too, like if you drove through a tunnel with your windows down. I can't really explain it.

Scary enough, right? Before it left it, it passed over me, not 3 feet from my prone body and disappeared. I'm not sure if it was the resident ghost or not, but it scared the living shit out of me because I have never seen/experienced anything even remotely close to that before or after. I'm really lucky I didn't fall.

The only other person in the theatre with me at that time was Todd, who was walking through the aisles to the back of the theatre to go to the light board. No one was playing tricks on me.

I can't talk about dramatic spirits without discussing The Curse of Shakespeare's Scottish play. If you're unfamiliar with it, check this out. I thought it was just a quaint theatre superstition until the summer before Handsome was to do that show in college, the theatre caught on fire. And then, a stage hand who thought the curse was BS, said the Scottish King's name repeatedly and the fly system came down and hit him on the head, causing him to get 14 staples in his skull.

So there you have it.

More tomorrow and Ghost Posts Contest DAY ONE!!!!


Anonymous said...

Holy cow I did NOT know all that, thanks for the link and a good story!

Beautiful Mess said...

*clinking on the link right now* Thanks for the story! Have a GREAT day!

Stacey K said...

So not cool to frighten you while you were on the cat walk. My oldest is majoring in theatre and I always get nervous just thinking about her up there.