Friday, October 10, 2008

Moxie's Friday Night Friskies

Ok. So. Handsome's off doing a benefit concert tonight. I'm seeing it tomorrow night, but he's singing a song from one of his dream roles (Jekyll & Hyde) tonight. "This is the Moment" is the song he's singing, youtube it if you must but that's not the point.

Moxie misses her Handsome tonight. This post is one of the reasons I never want to tell Handsome about my blog....

Let me tell you a little story (or two):

This song, performed by the illustrious Linda Eder and, originally the sexy/hot Anthony Warlow caused Handsome and I to miss class one afternoon in college. IT was an INCREDIBLE afternoon, if you know what I mean. In that "I'm 21, you're 22, we can go ALL afternoon without worrying about anything in the universe interrupting us" kind of way. I sincerely hope you know what I'm talking about.

If "Dangerous Game" doesn't get you all hot and bothered, well, I'm sure there's Viagra for that. Sorry, but the guy playing against her is kind of a douche, (couldn't find a Warlow/Eder duo of this) but the guy made it to Broadway, so what do I know?

Secret Confession time: I can't carry a tune in a bucket. Not at all. But, if I could be reincarnated with an incredible singing voice, I want to sing THIS song from Jekyll and Hyde. "Bring on the Men" is beloved by divas and drag queens everywhere. Sorry it's not Linda Eder, but this gal's got the spirit of it...

Dave, from Dave's Double Entendres, would LOVE this song. Why? "I'm very partial to buns", "Triple Sandwiches are my favorite ones", "Appetites", um...etc...

Side note: PLEASE God, next time, can I look like
Bernadette Peters

because I've always wanted to be a red head, but I'll keep my own boobs, thank you, because they're WAY better,
have Audra MacDonald's voice and

and Linda Eder's talent?

Pretty please?

Oh, and if you must, go see the local production of J&H coming up. It won't be ANYWHERE near as awesome as if Handsome did it, but he is already otherwise engaged theatrically at that time. I've heard the guy (he's done this role before) and meh, not bad, but not as good as Handsome (partial, am I? Maybe.) Still, incredible thing to see live. Get off your butt and go.