Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Tale of Haunted Atchison

Filegirl at Filegirl sent in a post that she wrote a few years ago, but wow! If you're ever tempted to go ghost hunting/touring there, check it out. I've never spent any really decent time in Atchison, but I definitely need to put the "Most Haunted Town In Kansas" on my day-trip list.

Haunted Atchison!


Average Jane said...

This reminded me of a ghost post I wrote when I went to Atchison last year:

sheri said...

I live in Atchison Ks. and it is definately haunted! My house is haunted by a little girl and an old woman. I think most of these residents here are haunted and just don't know it. Atchison is a very haunted town that has a lot of history to it, mostly because of the river right there.