Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Tale of the OCD Ghost

May at May's Machete sent this one in. The thought of an OCD, angry Grandma staring at me while having sex is chilling!

In Erie, Pennsylvania I was living in a home my current partner's grandfather had built from the ground up. It had stayed in the family and we were renting it from his uncle.

We were the first people to live in the house after his grandparents and the space was full of their strange energy. The first ghost I ever saw that looked like a movie version, a deathly pale shimmering image of a human form, was his grandmother and she was very unhappy about her house being lived in by a group of college students. She had had OCD in life and her ghost still became distraught when the house was too dirty for her tastes.

I'd see her glaring at me, as if I was the one responsible for them all, and she'd even float her head in through our bedroom walls to glare at me when I was trying to have sex - the hatred of the undead is not good for sexy and she enjoyed ruining my good time.

We'd hear here washing her hands in the kitchen sink at nights and sometimes the ghostly steps of her husband would pace back and forth as if waiting for her to let go and let them move on.


Stacey K said...

I always tell my friends that if my kids ever put me in a nursing home I say I am going to haunt them. I will show up every time they try to have sex as punishment for leaving me in a home. (I worked in nursing homes in college, don't ever want to be in one) guess Grandma thought that was an effective way to haunt too.

Beautiful Mess said...

Grandma didn't want sex in the house, sad :o)