Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Dirty Politics ~ GO VOTE!

I am an active voter. I know today is expected to have very low voter turn out (Like almost every August election). This really irritates me. My poli-sci professor in college told us that voting in the presidential elections is wasting your vote and that you should ALWAYS know the issues and have your vote count on the local and state elections. I take his strange wisdom to heart.

I'm lucky enough to live in the Missouri 44th District. The race for State Rep has my bikini briefs in a bunch.

The Kandor vs. Coffman race is going to be close (supposedly) and honestly, both of them have decent credentials and would be a good representative of my District.

But I hate smear campaigning. I hate politicians who play dirty during elections. That's why I refuse to vote for Jason Kandor.

Amy Coffman has the official Moxie family seal of approval. Here's why:

1. She actually went door to door herself asking for our vote. Handsome was home at the time and spent a few minutes talking with her about what she hopes to do in Jeff City. She lives a few blocks from us and actually answered intelligently the questions Handsome posed. (He LOVES door to door salespeople/political canvassers. He can keep them busy for 20 minutes, thinking they've got a sale/he's going to sign their petition just to shut them down because he doesn't agree with them.)

2. She sent her dad in for back up. I was the one who answered the door when he came by. He's a very nice guy, knows what his daughter's stances are and even joked with me about the Kandor Sign that Soccer Neighbor Mom has in her yard. Sending Daddy might have been overkill, but it was still nice anyway.

3. Jason Kandor's propaganda. Over sized yard signs make me angry. They just do. I hate clutter and the Honesty, Integrity, blah blah blah signs irritate me, but his postcard royally pissed me off. His one major contention with Coffman was that she was a lobbyist. Ok. What he failed to illuminate was the fact that it was for groups like the AARP and the Women's Political Caucus.

He'll win votes by shooting dirty pool. When the word lobbyist comes to mind, visions of the NRA and Big Tobacco come to mind. Under-informed voters will look at that postcard and toss their vote to Kandor. That sucks. I checked out her website and I liked her response to his low blow. That shows class. Unfortunately the damage is done by his not-quite-all-the-truth advertising.

As a marketer, nothing pisses me off more than twisted truths. If your product isn't good enough to win over the consumer on it's own features and benefits and instead has to attack another, you're incompetent and should hang up your jock and go into a different field.

4. A good soldier does not necessarily make a good political leader. For every George Washington and Theodore Roosevelt, there's a Ulysses S. Grant, Eisenhower and John Kerry (and dare I say John McCain?) I hate it when politicians use that as a bonus point for themselves. So what? I know plenty of veterans from the Vietnam War on that would make crappy politicians. You can love your country without serving in the military.

5. I want an advocate, not a politician. Look at the experiences of the two. Kandor's an attorney/poli-sci teacher. Good for him, but is he going to fight for the economic and social rights of those he would serve in the 44th District or will he get caught up in the political games? Amy Coffman already knows how to fight for the rights of Missourians. She even told Handsome she was tired of the "politicians" running Jeff City and losing focus of the needs of the working class.

I could go on and on. But I won't.

The 10 pm news is going to be a nail biter tonight.


kcmeesha said...

My mind veered off right after "bikini briefs".You can't put that in posts about politics..

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Meesha. I'll remember that next time.