Thursday, August 7, 2008

Just Saying(s)

Subtitle: Moxie-isms

I read a really informative post by one of my favs, Emaw about a curious saying last week.

Then, I guess Sugar Britches was tickled after reading one of my posts in which I used my favorite phrase to express "Boy it's hot out there!" ("Hotter than a whorehouse on Nickel Night")

So it got me thinking. I use a lot of sayings/words I totally make up.

Here's some of my usual suspect phrases:

"I'm going to go do my part for American Capitalism" (Instead of "I'm going to work")

"Somebody just poopalanched" (Instead of "Seriously, use air freshener next time you take a crap?!")

"Fine as a frog's hair" (In repsonse to "How are you?")

"Fair to middlin'" (see above)

"Well that's super craptastic!" (Instead of "Bummer")

"Excellent, Smithers"
(affirmative response to Handsome usually. In reference to The Simpsons)

"See you anon." (Instead of "See you soon!")

"So, how're we gonna pimp this thing?" (Instead of "What are the appropriate marketing channels for this new promotion?" Boss Man loves this and has adopted it on occassion.)

"That's rather fetching" (Instead of "That's pretty")

"That's a few pepperonis short of a pizza pie" (Instead of "That's crazy")

"That rivals the Dirtiest Toilet in Scotland!" (Instead of "Ew! Gross!" see: Trainspotting)

"Well, someone sure needs a nap" (Instead of "Stop being cranky/a bitch/whiny/a party pooper." Rarely this is said to my child. Mostly adults)

I could go on and on. But I won't. What's some of your favorites?


Sugar Britches said...

I posted on this subject myself a while back. You might add some of these to your repertoire.

I've already used your 'nickel night' a half a dozen times!