Friday, August 29, 2008

where would I rather be?

Lots of stuff is going on this Labor Day weekend in KC. The Irish Fest, the Renaissance Fair, Santa Caligon Days (White Trash Fest! One of my favs!), and probably tons of other exciting stuff.

Where will Moxie be?

In the middle of nowhere. Literally.

We're going down to Handsome's family compound which is located in the rural abyss between Columbia and St. Louis. When people say they live in the country and they mean outside of Grain Valley, I laugh. Handsome's family has owned 80 acres 25 minutes outside of Hermann for over 100 years.

And it's country. Like you have to drive about 3 miles on a semi-gravelled dirt road to reach their house which is at the end of said road. They live in a holler. It took me about 3 years to fully understand the geographic phenomenon that is a holler (or hollow, if you're a city slicker).

It's beautiful. Full of woods, a stream, a pond, fields, hills. Wild animals too, probably, but all I've seen is deer, possums, owls and an occasional cow.

But your cell phone doesn't work there. They don't have cable, they don't have internet. They have well water pumped into the house. I have no idea how they even have electricity/phone line.

Mama'll be off the civilization grid until Sunday night, kids. And she's not really excited.

We're making the 3.5 hour voyage tonight with a fussy 4 yr old and two fussy Handsome siblings. Jealous much? I thought so.

What makes this extra-special-fun is the fact we're going down to celebrate his (by marriage) uncle's 50th birthday. I've never in 12 years seen Uncle Alkie sober. Ever. He's touchy/feely, over-friendly and he always reeks of alcohol.

I just can't wait. Hope you've got better plans than I do.