Saturday, February 7, 2009

Happy 142nd Birthday, Laura!

It's the 142nd anniversay of Laura Ingalls Wilder's birth today! (I can always remember this because my aunt's birthday is the same day.)

Her books taught me how to read and she's still one of my favorite authors. I plan on taking Darling on the 6 site tour of all her homes when she's old enough to start reading the books. (History comes alive!)

You might remember me blogging about one of the Laura sites being sued. This still makes me angry.

Check out the website: Laura Ingalls Wilder: Frontier Girl. It's pretty cool!


Hyperblogal said...

A wonderful storyteller. When I worked at the Library about 80 years ago... her books along with Dr. Seuss were the most popular. Happy birthday Laura!!

dee said...

What a sweet post!