Thursday, February 19, 2009

I saw something completely different....

This started as a really long response to Meesha's post about the chimp picture and then I decided what the heck, I'll make it my own post.

I cannot see the racist implications, sorry Al Sharpton.

I agree with Meesha that the cartoonist put two news stories together to make commentary. (Sorry, but crazy chimpanzees gone wild always makes for a good lead story on the news).

I personally think George W. Bush looks more like a monkey than Obama. There is no way I would have put 2 and 2 together like that for it to equal racism.

My first reaction was to be worried for Emaw's safety...Hope you're ok, buddy!

My second reaction was that it actually reminded me of the one-act play "Words, Words, Words" by David Ives.

This play is based on the Infinite Monkey Theorem, which is, given enough time, monkeys caged in a room with typewriters will eventually come up with "Hamlet".

It's a crazy theory, but "Words..." is an awesome play. I saw it about 10 years ago and I still remember Milton, Swift and Kafka (the monkeys, not the writers, but I remember them too, I guess.)

When I saw the cartoon, I thought of Congress being the symbolic monkey typing away at something a lot of people see as gibberish, not our president. Congress wrote the bill, not Obama, so....? I don't get it.

What disturbs me most about this story is the fact that there was an automatic jump in some people's minds to Obama. Can we please move past racism in my lifetime? Just because we elected an African American president doesn't mean there aren't racists among us, but seriously, let's look for it and attack it where it really exists, not in this ridiculous cartoon.

Just for a second, let's just assume that it was about Obama.

First, assassination isn't funny. It just isn't. Knock it off, m'kay?

Secondly, let's say it was just a cartoon that painted Obama in a negative light. He's our president. A public figure. He's going to get criticized right or wrong. God Bless America for the freedom to criticize our public figures without worrying about being shot.

Every time he's criticized in the next 4-8 years, is there going to be someone crying "Racism!"? Because that's going to get old, really quick. It will end up hurting and not helping the cause of racial equality, so be a little more choosy about the battles you pick, Al.

(hopping off my soapbox....)


Beautiful Mess said...

Oh no don't get off your soapbox! I love it when your up there ;o) I don't see it as a racial slur. I think The good ole Al Sharpton needs to keep his mouth shut most of the time. But then again, that's just my simple minded opinion...

emawkc said...

Reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.

Aras said...