Monday, February 16, 2009

Out of the Blue Because I Love You Days

Handsome and I have a long standing rule about Valentine's Day:

DON'T you dare buy anything more than a card!

Handsome didn't take me seriously the first time I said this and that year I got flowers, dinner, a sparkly bracelet and a card.

I got him nothing but a card and a dirty look. He learned his lesson.

It's not that I hate Valentine's Day (Ok, I kind of do), it's just that giving gifts on "expected days" is dumb. I'd much rather receive flowers on a random Tuesday afternoon in a non-holiday/anniversary month. Surprise me, don't make me expect it.

Handsome's gotten very good at this. I usually get flowers twice-ish a year on random, out of the blue because I love you days.

In the spring I usually get tulips, daffodils and roses. In the fall, a bouquet similar to my wedding flowers (sunflowers, roses, chrysanthemums, wheat). He even always orders them from the florist who did our wedding. He's a romantic (much more than I am.) and he can't help himself.

He's a card-aholic and if he needs to be forgiven for something, or is feeling especially loving, he can find the perfect card that says exactly what he means. I think he has a secret "in" at Hallmark, I really do. As someone who grew up in a non-card giving family, it was a bit overwhelming at first to get cards all the time.

I do the same for him. He gets love notes taped to his steering wheel so he sees it first thing in the morning, or if I'm at the store and see something that I know he'd like, I'll get it for him as a surprise. I sneak "Break A Leg" cards into his bag on opening nights of his shows sometimes.

Unexpected gestures of love are awesome. Expecting things on Hallmark Holidays is not.

That's why I was particularly irritated to wake up this morning to my radio. There were women calling in complaining about how they hardly got anything for Valentine's Day. They always started: "We said we weren't going to do anything really big, but..."

Stop complaining. If you want something for Valentine's Day, specify. Otherwise, take your chances and get what you get.

If there is an overall lack of romance in the relationship, that's a much bigger problem than forgetting/underperforming on V-Day. Solve that and stop bitching.

I think there supposed to be a point to this post, but I'm pretty sure I've forgotten it.

For V-day this year, Darling, Handsome and I went shopping. The most exciting part of it was that it was Free Sample Day at Costco, which is always a big hit for Darling.

We spent the day as a family, cuddled on the couch, watching movies and eating homemade pizza (a family project since Darling is WAY into helping in the kitchen now). I think I lost the romantic nuances of "The Little Mermaid" after seeing it for the 925th time, but it's still a love story, right?

For me it was a fabulous day. For a change, I didn't have to work, Handsome wasn't running off to rehearsal and the three of us just spent family time. My 2 best lovies all weekend. It was wonderful.

Hope you had a great day too!


Green-Eyed Momster said...

I agree with you about Valentine's Day. It makes me sick to hear about how much people spend on that one day. Maybe I'm missing the big picture, but I don't think so.
I too got to stay home with my family and it was a great day! No gifts, cards, flowers required for a nice day at home my your loved one and kiddos!!


Green-Eyed Momster said...

s/b at home with my/your loved one....

Beautiful Mess said...

Here here! We do just because I love you days around here too. it may be something "small" like a favorite candy bar. Or it may be something "big". I'm always writing Husband love notes. He thinks it's great!