Sunday, April 13, 2008

Fun With Numerology . . .

Ok, so, while I was frantically searching the "Gift box/Gift bag" Closet in order to conceal a 4 yr old's birthday present, I found what I was looking for. For almost 3 years (since I lost it when we bought our house in Jan. of 2003), I couldn't find my "Red Notebook".

My red notebook is a collection of crazy tarot/numerology/astrology (western and Chinese)/gemstone/minerals/assorted other New Age Stuff that I've collected over the years. In essence, my weird hobby/path to enlightenment outside the box.

Tonight I flipped thru it just to make friends with it again. I came across a VERY cool numerology code.

Before I ever do a Tarot spread/try anything out on my friends, I use Handsome and I as guinea pigs. I took the last 6 or 7 years of our life and figured out our cards and I will tell you, we are 6 or 7 for 6 or 7 on whether the card could fit. Handsome and my birthdays break down to the same thing. Mine is April 21 (4+2+1)and Handsome's is March 4 (3+4). Both equal 7 and so, whatever year is added, we fit. Being twin souls, this makes sense. ANYWHO......

If you're one for predictions, give this a whirl to find out what this year has in store for you:

Your birthday (month and day) + 2008
Here's an example based on me:
Everything inside the parentheses breaks down to single digit numbers always:
My birthday is April 21st:

All birthdays should break down to a number between 1 and 22. Each number coresponds to a number/card in the Major Arcana of the Tarot deck. Figure out your number and then see my interpretation of each card below.

1= The Magician: The Magician has the four gifts of the suits in front of him: wands, cups, swords and coins (direction, emotion, strength, prosperity). He holds his magic wand above him in one hand. The other is pointed to the earth, signifying that the things you dream/want will be made real if you use your gifts this year. A VERY AWESOME CARD!

2= The High Priestess: Signifies a woman who makes good decisions. Means that you will make good, balanced (head and heart) decisons this year.Embrace her.

3= The Empress: If you're thinking about having a child, this is the Fertility card. You will either get pregnant, or give birth to a creative energy in your life. What do you need to have sprout and grow this year? The Empress will make this happen (just use protection vigilantly if you don't want to be pregnant.)

4=The Emperor: Ahhh....My soul card....I love him....He is the Ruler. The things you haven't been able to control/get ahold of, you will this year. Draw on the strength of your own power and rule judiciously.

5=The Hierophant: The "Pope/Scholar" card in the deck. He is the wise sage that will lead you to what you need to know. If you draw this card, he tells you to make decisions based on what your spirituality tells you to do. This could be a year where you draw closer to God the Father, if you're willing.

6=The Lovers: If you draw this card, it's Passion, but only skin deep. The Lovers are fickle. It's heat, but no substance. Beware of your passionate feelings and cultivate deeper than just the topsoil. Fires untended burn out.

7=The Chariot: Signifies movement always. You will either physically move (home/work/school/job/ideology). Movement means growth. A very good card to draw.

8=Strength: One of my favs...A woman who caresses the head of a lion in her lap. Signifies the taming of your own wildness into something powerful. A very good growth card for what was started last year. (My 2008)

9=The Hermit: Ahhhh....Handsome's soul card....The Hermit represents going within yourself in order to find the inner path. It's ok to retreat from others/things that don't help you grow. Self reflection and decision making dominate this time. Use it wisely.

10=Wheel of Fortune: This is the rest of your life. The Wheel is spinning. You will be bound to the Fortunes that spin this year. Look to them and figure out where the wheel stops, if you can control it. A very lucky or challenging year, depending, but it's one that your soul needs. Pay attention.

11=Justice: Justice is depicted in the traditional way as a blindfolded woman representing the emotional with a scale balancing in her hands. Things that have felt out of kilter or unbalanced straighten themselves this year.

12=The Hanged Man: This is a man, hanging upside down, balancing in a yoga meditation position with a saint's halo surrounding his head. You will find the inner balance this year. You figure out the unsolvable issues this year. Listen to your inner voice, or as The Great Bambino says in "The Sandlot": "Remember kid, there's heroes and there's legends. Heroes get remembered but legends never die, follow your heart kid, and you'll never go wrong." Use this energy to find out what you really want/need and then pursue it.

13= Death: DO NOT FREAK OUT! THIS IS A GREAT CARD!!!! Going back, for both Handsome and I, 2004 signified Death for us. It was the year Darling Daughter was born. Our old life passed away and we became parents. Something new was born. A new direction, a new focus. Death in the Tarot never means somebody is going to die (Tarot cards cannot predict such a thing, if anyone tells you differently, they're either lying or a quack, or both.) DEATH IS A WONDERFUL CARD TO RECEIVE!!!! LUCKY YOU! Death represents not the negative aspect of dying, but is symbolic of rebirth. Something in your life dies away so that something else might be born. Your life is about to change. Something/someone is about to be born. A very lucky omen.

14= Temperance: Another of my favs. Temperance is an angel pouring a liquid from one cup to the other. She signifies temperance, not in the "don't do drugs, don't smoke, don't go to extremes" sense, but in the metalurgical sense. Metal, when red hot is liquid, it becomes something solid. Take the liquid things (dreams, ideals, hopes) and make them something solid/real. You have the power to do so this year.

15=The Devil: A challenging year. Don't let your inner demons/bad forces around you take over and control your decisions. Be VERY careful. (Our 2006).

16=The Tower: Think of the Tower of Babel. Everything that you built up on precarious ground without good mortar will come crashing down. This is a "testing" year. The old is destroyed and comes tumbling down so that something new may be built on the stronger foundation. (Our 2007....) It will hurt, but it's for the best.

17= The Star: My absolutely favorite Major Arcana. She signifies the "light at the end of the tunnel". She is hope and everything you've struggled with thus far will finally show itself to be worth it. A very good "realization" year.

18=The Moon: Hidden danger. The moon is draws you in, but there are things in the dark you aren't paying attention to. Don't be wooed by things that are attractive in the darkness. They won't come to light. Beware things that are uncertain.

19=The Sun: Fun, childlike happiness follow you this year. Remember your inner child/things that make you happy. Embrace them, it's a good year. Just beware of too much innocent trusting.

20=Judgment: Today is the beginning of the rest of your life. Heard this phrase before? Hard decisions are ahead. Make good choices, and you'll be fine. The right of the universe is defined this year.

21=The World: Success in undertakings. Accomplishment. Keep on trucking. This is the year of fullfillment of what you want. You're doing ok. Trust instincts.

22=The Fool: The Fool is tricky. It depends on the person. He can represent Innocence, Beginnings, Spontenaity, but he can also represent tunnel vision and carelessness. Decide for yourself what you want this year, just think thru whatever decisions you decide.

If any of this is confusing, send me your birthday and I'll tell you what your cards are.


Spyder said...

Jan 12 2008= 5 right?

MoxieMamaKC said...

Yep, you got it!
1 + (1+2) + (2+0+0+8)
1 + 3 + (1+0)=
1 + 3 + 1 = 5

Hierophant...very cool!

Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours said...

Yuck, I'm #17 ...

Donna. W said...

Yeah, I'm confused.

July 7, 1944. Tell me my future.