Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Moxie's Got a Serious Celeb Crush

This doesn't happen often. But, since I spend a lot of money on a local sports radio station, my boss and I were invited to the Kansas City Sports Commission Spring Baseball Kick Off Luncheon a month or so ago.

I admit I haven't really followed the Royals as closely as I did before getting married and having Darling Daughter, but I fell in celeb crush lust on the spot. (I'm pretty sure Boss Man has a bit of a man-crush)

Brian Bannister is incredible! Holy David DeJesus, he's dreamy! But merely having rugged good looks and gorgeous blue eyes isn't enough for me. (But yeah, it goes pretty far).

I think I got disillusioned with major league baseball after the whole Tony Pena "We Believe" (until the Royals inevitably F up) campaign flopped. Baseball was a complete let down for me, a life long Royals fan, who had guys like George Brett, Brett Saberhagen, Danny Tartabull and even Johnny Damon (who sold his soul to the devil, I mean the Yankees) to admire "back in the day".

Sweeney had me going for awhile and then he turned into a wimp who couldn't stay off the DL and it was the last straw. I had a lot going on in my late 20's and staying faithful to a bunch of guys who viewed the Royals as either a stepping stone in their career or the end of the line wasn't a priority.

Brian spoke at the baseball lunheon and I was wowed. This guy's got passion for the game...imagine that? He was the best spoken of the players that were there and you could tell that Trey Hillman already had respect for him and Dayton Moore liked him. I like the fact that Bannister goes about his game like he's playing chess. He thinks about the statistics and each person he's going to face. He's honest to God intelligent when he speaks. Gil Meche and Mark Grudzielanek were obviously not meant for speaking engagements.

Ok, so his win loss record last year wasn't stellar, but he's young (26) and he just kicked the Tigers' tails today!

The sky is probably falling and I'm setting myself up for serious heartbreak, but man, the Boys in Blue look good this year! Kansas City is 2-0 for the second time in only 28 years! (Let me revel in it while it lasts, it's so brief, yet so sweet to actually be above .500!)

I can't wait for Opening Day at the K! I've got tickets and am actually going for the first time since 2002! I'm seriously excited this year. More on my opinions of Trey Hillman later...

ps...he's blowing me a kiss in that pic, I know he is! sigh, I'm glad my husband understands my love of baseball!