Monday, April 7, 2008

Neccessity Truly is the Mother of Invention

There are so many things I could be writing about today on my lunch break.

Such as:
1. It sort of feels like Christmas Eve since the Royals Home Opener is tomorrow! I'll be there!
2. How Darling Daughter likes to drop the F bomb in church
3. How awesome Handsome's concert was last night
4. How sick I am of KU Basketball

Nope, instead, this one's dedicated to the greatest invention since movable type: The Breakthrough Backless Bra.

As a well-endowed female that is occassionally required to wear fancy dresses to "black tie" stuff, my jaw dropped, agog with wonder. I can't even tell you how many times I've had to pass up gorgeous dresses because those "self adhesive" bras just won't contain "the girls".

Apparently, a Nashville mother ran into my same dilemma and started cutting up one of her old bras to fashion it into something that wouldn't strap in the back. She even won second place on the tv show "American Inventor". (Personally, I think she should be given the Congressional Medal of Honor, but whatev.)

Maidenform purchase the idea, tweaked it and presto, big boobies are back in backless business!

Here's the complete story if you're interested.


FletcherDodge said...

"4. How sick I am of KU Basketball"

You must be reading my mind (or my blog).

Anyway, when are you going to post the pictures of yourself modeling one? (Kidding. Just kidding).